ESRI Sandwiches and Clouds Coming Down the Pipe

October 4, 2011 2 Comments

By: Zach Felling

Perusing the ESRI Mapping Center recently, the phrase “Artisan Basemap Sandwich” was introduced and it caught my attention. It was just before lunch time and the hunger pains were setting in so the word “sandwich” lured me right in. I’ve eaten many sandwiches in my day; but an artisan basemap sandwich? Never heard of that one. I had to learn more so I dug in.

Well, it turns out that I didn’t find the delicious new sandwich recipe that I was expecting. But, I did learn that ESRI has a collection of basemap services coming down the pipe that should prove very useful to a broad range of GIS users.

Have you ever noticed that ESRI’s basemap services, even though they look good, don’t necessarily look all that hot after you apply your operational data on top of them? Often, the basemap is too colorful or busy and distracts the user from the thematic data being displayed.

Well, ESRI’s new Canvas Maps aim to nix this problem by offering a series of subtle basemap services designed to allow your thematic data to pop (visually speaking) off the map. The Mapping Center article goes into detail on the cartographic design philosophy behind these basemap services. Definitely worth the read (although I was still hungry when I finished).

Moving on from sandwiches to clouds, ESRI’s ArcGIS Online continues to evolve in interesting ways. Maybe you are one of those old school GISers who have looked at ArcGIS Online and concluded there’s not much there for you. Well, that may potentially change as the concept evolves and new capabilities are introduced….as they will be in the very near future.

ESRI plans on introducing capabilities via ArcGIS Online to publish map services and data. No server software on your end is needed. All the tools to manage and share your maps and data including controlling access and customizing your ArcGIS Online home page will be included in the service.

According to the article, these new subscription based scalable cloud services should be especially beneficial to organizations with limited resources (maybe those who can’t afford ArcGIS Server). For a sneak peak and more details, check out this recent article from ArcWatch.

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2 Comments to “ESRI Sandwiches and Clouds Coming Down the Pipe”
  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the info! I happened to need this exact thing today.

  2. Mark waugh says:

    That is pretty good, though it does make assumptions about how everyone chooses ESRI Sandwiches. Thanks mate :)

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